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Greater Than contains a number of questions and activities that will help you see the deeper part of who you are.  How you respond to life is more of a response to your deeper passions than it is an issue of talent. 


This study on spiritual gifts will help you:

  • See yourself more clearly
  • Understand others and how they work
  • Have a greater awareness of how to walk in unity with others
  • Adjust the parts of yourself that could make you unhealthy
  • Connect with God in the supernatural
  • Relate to the different ways God speaks to different people
  • And many more …


If you want to understand the “spiritual” part of spiritual gifts, this is a good book for you. Many books on spiritual gifts are more of a description of the various talents a person can possess.  This book is written from a worldview that believes the greatest part of a spiritual gift comes out of an ongoing connectedness with God.  God energizes who he created us to be.  We demonstrate His character, His calling, and become a conduit for His power for the world to see. 

Greater Than

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