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In "Dead Dogs on the Highway," Pastor David A. Case explores the concept of unforgiveness and its impact on our lives and families. 


Unforgiven wounds are like roadkill on the road to life; they will not just go away. They can continue to pile up, affecting every area of life and even extending beyond generations.


Doesn't time heal all wounds? If the wound is spiritual, the answer is a loud and resounding "NO!" The spiritual realm is eternal, not temporal, like the mind, will, and emotions. 


By understanding the spiritual aspect of these wounds and seeking forgiveness, we can all overcome the stronghold of unforgiveness and create a new legacy of godliness. 


In this deeply touching and immensely practical book, David relates a personal experience of a spiritual stronghold rooted in his family's previous generations. This testimony provides a powerful, effective, and timeless spiritual lesson for all Christians.


Consider bundling this book with the accompanying Study Guide & Workbook, which offers journaling prompts and reflection questions with each of the book’s nine chapters. The study guide also includes access to a video reading from Pastor David with exclusive chapter introductions and insights.

Also available as a curriculum for small groups, click here to learn more about bringing this transformative work to your church or therapeutic community group.

Dead Dogs on the Highway

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