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Break Chains

Hurts and habits create invisible bonds that must be overcome to live a healthy lifestyle.

Change Hearts

Everything in life happens from the inside out.  Heart change is the key to a better life.

Change Lives

One life changed is two, then three, then a generation!  

The Omega Project is a multi-faceted, faith based recovery program that emphasizes heart level changes of men and women. We offer lifestyle change to those whose probable future would have been jail or homelessness. We provide a place to live, teaching and training in lifestyle transformation, work opportunities, and contact with those who have overcome the addictive lifestyle.  

Upcoming Pastor's Retreat

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Omega Workforce allows men and women that are considered unemployable to learn job skills while helping the community by filling large and small needs from lawn care to construction. Our supervisors work on instilling godly character and work ethic into the men and women daily.

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Heart change leads to changed lives.  Live Free Ministries began out of a desire to see broken people restored to the purpose God has for their lives. Initially, the ministry consisted of published materials and retreats that focused on going deeper in God.  Next came outreaches to pastors in the United States and around the world.  Then eight years after its inception, Live Free Ministries added The Omega Project: an intensive discipleship home that helps those struggling with higher levels of dysfunction and addiction.  Now in 2020, 22 years after its creation, Live Free Ministries encompasses space for 45 men and women in The Omega Project, a 7 bed women's transitional homeless shelter, an active YouTube channel, and more of the resources and teachings of Live Free Ministries being made available to all online.



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