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Live Free Ministries began out of a need to minister to hurting people who were not finding the answers through typical church teachings.  In response to this need, Pastor David Case created his first 16 week series of teachings.  Before long, this series grew into an intense weekend retreat that soon was followed with a number of books and materials.

True to these beginnings, LFM maintains a passion to see the church become more effective in helping struggling people.  In our modern world, the breakdown of the family has greatly increased the number of dysfunctional relationships.  If the church does not respond to this need, it will become an irrelevant institution in the coming years. 

Live Free Ministries is dedicated to releasing hearts of a struggling generation to live in the fullness and freedom God has created for them.  Using the Lifegiver Model, LFM teaches people to connect with God and godly people in a way that brings heart change. 

We live in a divided and disconnected world.  Most people are hindered in their ability to connect by an unseen hand that they can sense is present, but are helpless to fight against.  With an emphasis on understanding man's spirit and the spiritual realm, Live Free Ministries helps people unlock the potential that God has placed in them and move from a life of struggle and disconnectedness to a life of releasing hearts to live free.

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